Set of Beliefs

Set of Beliefs

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Das Buch "Glaubenssatz - Erfolgszerstörer oder Lebenssprit?" auf Englisch  ... mehr

Das Buch "Glaubenssatz - Erfolgszerstörer oder Lebenssprit?" auf Englisch


Set of Beliefs - Success Destroyer or Fuel for Life?

Sets of beliefs shape our lives, our habits, our behaviour – and indeed – our very thoughts and what we are capable of imagining. We need imagination

to make progress – after all, how are we to achieve an aim, change our lives, sustain a happy relationship or pursue a career if we cannot figure for ourselves what this aim should look like? And we all have such deep-seated sets of beliefs – which are also referred to as paradigms.

The really tricky thing about these sets of beliefs is, however, that we are – as a rule – unaware of them. We are like a computer that reacts identically time and again and to which the administrator has no access thinking that the PC has to react like this. Initially, it is not interesting whether these sets of beliefs have a “positive” effect (e.g.: “I know I can do that …”) or a “negative” impact (e.g.: Not my cup of tea …”) – what’s important is that we need to be aware of HOW, WHERE and WHAT IMPACT they have on our lives.

We have the choice to recognise ourselves, to consciously look at and change our sets of beliefs. To this end it is important for us to realise first that we HAVE rather than ARE our thoughts and feelings. And when we start contemplating this we are already taking the first important step towards a conscious and freely elected life.

I hope this little book will help you move in the direction you consider desirable! I know the author Ulrike Martin from many of my seminars as a personality that puts her theoretical knowledge into practice – and this is the real essence!


Dirk Jacob

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